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Don't understand, why- otheres feel, alone
Can't bring back the dead, so we dread the end
Need, each of us to live- bring back the wonder
Curiosity and excitment, it burns, yet- a live
Poetry and lyrics, are just an other form of a story
So sing! Sing out your heart! Feel it beat! A live
So play with words and fourm some rhymes! A live

Can't be someone else, and live thier life;
so make a costume
Create your alter ego, or even a personal hero,
of your design
Chime your style, for each and every mood;
a new personality forms

Bring back! Curiosity and excitment!
Can't stand, those who dewl for nothing
Dread-, ing of death; live life instead!
Playful words of the mind, take over

Welcome to M.C's Poetry!

Have Fun and be
respectful to everyone.
Thank you!

Blood draws
Put to sleep
Scary, hate it so
Miss Popular
There was this little girl.
She had lots of friends.
Yet they left her and so she cried.
In the end, the little girl died.
Bitter cold
Rivers don't flow
Freezing, frosted to show
Smoking Fool
Hear, hear
The weezing breathing
Hear, hear
The hackling cough
See, see
The pale dark face
See, see
The smoke go far
Know, know
The sickly heart
Know, know
The Smoking fool
Wish, wish
Continusly wishing
Try, try
And try again
Fall, fall
You've dropped the ball
Cry, cry
For hope unknown
Listen, listen
Hear those words
Hate, hate
Rumors with no truth
Dye, dye
Everything to black
Wish, wish
For a wish
Tragic Love
Lost love
Endless love
Hopless tragity

Wont you leave
Can't you see
Missing all you had
Makes what you have
Become nothing

Lost love
Fearing love
Trust regaind
Only to be broken
Love is tragity
Growing Mistake
Little girl
Please don't cry
Little girl
Why would you lie
Sweat child of mine
What have you become
Oh little girl
Stop that now
You're not my child
Woman, please
You've grown up
Older Woman
If you could
Would you re-live
It all the same
Or take on all the blame Dead woman
There's no more hope
Phantom, No Vampire
Cold as ice
Your soul burns red
Green are your eyes
Filled with life
Yet passed away
So now a stray
It's not your day
With skin so pale
You are frale
With such long fangs
Your not so great
Just to say
Please, wont you stay
As you make your way
And take over the play
Lost New Year
Bind this soul,
For it was sold
Keep this mind
To not be blind
Recall the past
For mistakes unwritten
Rewrite the year
As all shead tears
Bring forth the trol
For it has told
Power of time
Behold the skull
Light the candle
Rewite this year
For the next is near
First Crush
Wish, wish
For a kiss
Smile, smile
You're in denail
Speak, speak
Forgot my name
Continue On
Living Life
Pretty great
Nothing is fair
Yet we continue
Living Life
Mourning Fantasy
White roses of honor
Are for the dead
A true love kiss
May revive lost life
And blood is truely red
Static Mind
Thoughts be long
Though holding strong
With each little song
I find myself gone
Time, time
and time again
Watch, watch
and listen here
Drop these fears
and freeze those tears
Move on again
Watch and listen
Time, time; It's all out
Completely open
Get Heard
Hear the voice
Repeate those words
Nothing turns
Yet all, it burns
State your choice
Choose your voice

With deep thoughts of value

A solder stands tall

Bowing to no one, never, at all

Listening to hear

Looking futher from near

Minding all surroundings

Such fleas retreating

With strong hopes of life

A hearo strives for

Protecting all behind

And those ahead be blind

Shall no blood be shead

Later ledgeonds be read

Only truth may be said

A solder stands tall

Amoung us all

We defend
Poetry/Story Title: Protecter
Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Written: 12/31/2014

Raining Love
Standing there, in the rain
So glad you're here, by my side
Sipping Coffee, and kissing you

Silly Jokes, we say and laugh
Smiling now, holding hands
Soft winds move and blow my hair
Such soft hands that let me see

Singing now, and as you listen
Something big, and something little
Stars of joy, light up your eyes

Standing here, in the rain
Oh so glad, that you are here
Until we part, in the sunny day
My love you'll be, for eternity
Poem Title: Raining Love
Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Written: June 5th, 2009
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IMG_1261 ~Migrainge Days~

Slowly, with out being noticed
Quickly plunged under deep
Pressure consumes your skull
as your head falls to your feet
Fragile eyes hidden from sight
with in darkness is all that can be
Most envy all others
who can't comprehend
Slowly it fades, until it's back
Again, today.
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Not even sure why
Yet I close my eyes
Just to believe in
Simply to try
So when I die
Might I fly
Burning in doubt
Blooming in hope
For in life I ask why

Transparent be my skin
Viens shimmer threw
as my tears; I see you
Hiding, running away
I'm hidious you say
I'd say I'm dying for love
but I'm already dead
I'm no different from you
is that what you dread?

Pale, paper, icey skin
Burning magenta hair
With eyes clear as glass
Couldn't you bare
Getting to know me
Won't you dare
I'm not that monster
I really do care

You said you care
I asked for help
No one saved me.
Feel the love?
Feel the hatred!
As if you really cared
Now you're the one
Sheading red tears

When you feel
All has gone wrong
Listen to a happy song
If all is messed up
Turn it downside up
Then hummm along
to the white noise
Your brain is playing
your favorite song

Peaceful Hell
with nothing to tell
Silent Clashing
Winds Surround
dancing in acidic rain
Was there ever,
Anything to gain?

bats flutter freely like silver
as dimlit shimers are caught
with in each glance
confution pulls deeply
while moons with in eyes
become marbles on silk
silver doves swim below

with inocent dreams
brought to an end
as each tear sheads
a new light shines
only if tears stop a flow
must one truely dread
for inocent dreamers cry

forgive us please, our youth wont last
covered in glitter, we play away
to feel alive, we pretend to fly
mix shampoos & perfumes, not to lie
our way of exploring, is making a mess
we rock now, but then adulthood
so, let us love our childhood

Voice Of An Angel
Voice Of An Angel

By: Mike Sinoi on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 12:25am

I once met a girl who sang such sweet songs.
She would sing every day and late into every night.
In the morning her voice was like gentle birds of the spring.
At night her voice was a melody of crickets, long into the night.
This girl has changed now no longer a girl, she hides her voice in shame.
I think her voice is still strong even though her body has grown old.
Please, no longer little girl, who is now older than I,
wont you sing your sweet songs with your voice in the sky?

With wings of an angel, visit me and sing,
for I miss you more, than I could ever miss life~

Poetry By: Mike Sinoi,
Character by MCtheGirL

Would She Not Try, To Do Her Best And The Same For You?
Would she not try, to do her best and the same for you?

There was a girl that could not sleep, for who knew why, she loved to dream
Every night, she lay her head down, every morning, late at night, she rise again and all have fright
This girl was sad, for she was had sorrow, she lay awake in pain tomorrow
Love this girl, for she loves you, love this world, for it clams you, hold this girl, for she not a women
Play that song of happy joy, for she has problem, she sings with sorrow when you say, I forgive you
There is love, here and there, every type, all around and in the air, love this girl for she is fair
Hold this one tight, or you’ll have no bit, keep one to hold, love all in here and out there
She sings a song and you don’t listen, you try to hear and she sings softer, for this one is shy and has to cry
She holds your hand, in your dreams, when you awake you don’t remember thee-
All the memories, washed away cold, all those confessions, a hand that you hold, washed way, oh so sad
Love is for two, the kind we speak of, love is for one, the kind she despises of
Hold her in your arms, tough not to tightly and love her well, not as a worker, or a lover just yet
Hold her as a child when frail and hurt, when she is willing, love her a lot
When she needs a push, give her one soft, when she needs a break, be there and hold her calm
She does not expect much, though this girl has one big wish
Do this for her and she’ll love you ten fold
*Would she not try, to do her best and the same for you?

Lost, Secretly
Lost, Secretly

Love, knowledge, respect, and kindness
These are things that make great men

For dreams to fallow we see all
Though we all see nothing
We see the sky and try to pass it
We see the moon and try to grab it
Though through this all
We wonder why
The stars no longer shine as bright as they were
We have no fright for they still shine
We live on the edge though we never fall
We see all, though all see nothing
So when the storm comes from our own ignite
We’ll all see nothing and all will see
And all the truth will pore like rain-

Written By: Melissa M Carlisle Copyright © Since 2008

How Wonderful - Montana!
How Wonderful -Montana!
The beautiful sunsets in the late summer
Oh how wonderful the clear, fish filled lake is to see
Looking at the water falls and watching them flow into rivers
Seeing the birds fly in the spring, chirping every morning to the songs I sing
The melody of crickets, oh how I love them so
The sound of rushing water in the summer
The sound of dripping drops of ice melting in the spring
The wonders of life all around and in the open
The beauty of the seasons and the color of leaves in the fall
Oh how wonderful, I wish to live there so
Oh what a beautiful place to live
The morning dew on the many flowers of spring
The crystal white snow flakes in the frost of winter
The beauty of the leaves in the colorful fall
My children playing in the warm water and summer breeze
The joy of life, living there to me
There are so many thoughts I have thought
The feelings I have for such a place
If I go again, I think I'll never leave -

Montana Is my Home,
Japan is my fun place,
California is where I live...

By: Melissa M. Carlisle
Date: May 8, 2008

Mysteries of Moon Light Sight
Mysteries of Moon Light Sight

By: Mike Sinoi on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 12:43am

The Crickets chirp, late into the middle of each night.
Hearing such wonderful sounds makes all at peace with in mind.
With the light of the moon, I am thankful for my sight.
For what is sight with out having any light?
Must all be blind with out any moon light in the night?
For crickets chirp of wonders joy, knowing the wonders if sight.
I may see better with the sun of day, though with the moon of night, Might I see more than there is in the night?

If the night were day and day were night, what would be the difference of sight?
With the sun of day so bright, is the moon of night darker or even more bright?
If one had sight only in the day, I would be sorry for one would never know...

The glamorous starts streaming across the sky
and the simmer on the lake from the light of the moon.
How I wish to share such thought I have only thought of in a night
For such mysteries I never see in the day,
though only I see them in the sight of each night
I wish to think more and understand these mysteries
I walk out side in the light of the moon and I see so many different things
With in each day I wait for night, never seeing what is what is such light

If the crickets stop chirping, I know the sky is dark...
Says my dear friend who is blind both day and night
I am not blind he says, for I have sight through the sounds of the night
Such wonders I hear and such joy I feel, he tells me of his sight

The crickets our your guide
Each blade of grass between your toes are your map
Feel the wind and let it guide your soul
Listen to the crickets for the will worn you of danger near by
When they go silent, stop all your movement
Once they are loud again, find your ground
Feel the wind move across your skin, soaking in the beams of the moon, he says

So, I shut my eyes for I may see too, all the mysteries of moon light sight

Poem By: Mike Sinoi,
Character By, MCtheGirL

A Poem I Had To Wright
A Poem I had to wright:

Buckets are okay,
bundles I guess are good,
but what about bags,
now they're Show-K!

Happy Days Don't Need To Be Perfect
A Poem I got right:

Happy Days Don't Need To Be Perfect

Singing out under the open sky,
laying in a field of soft grass,
looking at all the birds in the sky,
seeing the sun shine brightly and a single cloud flow by.
Looking at the butterflies, flying smoothly through the air.
Singing my sweet song I sing, while the birds chirp along, jumping crickets in the near,
oh how cool the breeze feels flowing through my long golden hair.

Oh, how I wish to swim in that lake near by, though my sun screen, I left it home shy.

Under a tree I lay in the shade, with my eyes closed I sing my sweet song.

Written By: Melissa M Carlisle
Copyright © Since 2008

The One Who Lives, The Girl Who Dies
I Am Me!

The one who Lives, The Girl who Dies...

Starts out as an "about me," then it gets deep...

Created by melissacarlisle on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love animals.
I love the softness of the dark, and yet I love the agility of the light
I love a foul moon and I can't be in the sun, (U.V. Razes)they really hurt!

Who knows who I am
Though, as long as I know I'm me
Like I care what other’s think
I am myself, that's just who I am
The cleaver girl who hurts a lot
The shy one who tries to smile
The calm side who can become wild
I am me and only myself
The one who helps
The girl that loves
The one who's modest
The girl who cries
The one who laughs
The women who works
The one who tries
The woman who lives, and the girl who dies
The soft angel who darkens, from time to time
I share my news and happy joy
Though all the time, I cry and cry.

Written By: Melissa M Carlisle
Copyright © Since 2008

On All Those Days
On sunny days, I have my ways
On windy days, I do a sway
On hot days, I swim away
On cloudy days, I make my way
On rainy days, I jump and play

Written By,
Melissa M. Carlisle
Date Written: 05/17/2008

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